The best independent source for barcode numbers in Cameroon and Central Africa.

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  1. No annual license fees
  2. From the same source as GS1
  3. Cameroonian distributor
  4. Customer service at +237 672 08 82 26 (whatsapp-direct call-SMS)
  5. One-off price
  6. Barcodes are legal and registered
  7. Registering your barcodes and products in databases worldwide
  8. Cameroon and worldwide retailer compatibility
  9. Customers every where in Cameroon and Central Africa
  10. 10 years of experience at your service
  11. Accessible prices for you

Barcode Numbers

At CAMEROON BARCODES we provide authentic barcodes from the same original source as GS1 barcodes. Our barcodes are used in Cameroon and internationally by thousands of producers for the sale of their products in the vast majority of stores. We provide EAN and UPC barcodes which are each accompanied by a free registration in the international barcodes database. Before each sale we check the barcodes for illegal use on the Internet to avoid any application problems for the customers.

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Buy Barcodes for Retail Products

Do you need barcodes that can be used on products for international and local markets? Then purchase EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcodes from CAMEROON BARCODES. Pay once and for life (no membership fee or annual contribution), including registration. You will receive your barcodes immediately in your e-mail box after payment. The registration is free of charge for any purchase of a “barcode package”.

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Buy Barcodes

To quickly buy 1 – 5 barcodes simply fill in your required quantity and click the buy now button.
  • EAN-13 Barcode Packages

    INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY – Your email will contain your EAN-13 Barcode numbers, Barcode images (in 4 different formats for convenience), a guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of these barcode numbers, and free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.


    Quantity Price per Barcode (FCFA)
    1 15,000 each
    2+ 12,500 each
    3+ 11,500 each
    5+ 10,000 each
    10+ 8,000 each
    20+ 7,000 each
    30+ 6,000 each
    50+ 5,000 each
    100+ 3,000 each



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Barcode Registration

As a member of IBN, we guarantee free 24/7 access to the international barcode database for all our customers to register their barcodes (barcodes and product information). This registration increases the Internet profile of your product and ensures that your product information appears when your barcode is scanned by cell phone application scanners such as Zebra.

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The International Barcodes Network

CAMEROON BARCODES is a member of the IBN (International Barcodes Network). This network has enabled tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to obtain barcodes in over 120 countries. IBN has been present in the barcode market for more than 10 years, an experience that it shares with each of its members. All the barcodes we supply are from IBN. This means that our barcodes are accepted by more retailers worldwide than any other alternative barcode supplier.

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About Us

Cameroon Barcodes is a member of an organization whose main objective is to help small businesses grow by providing high quality barcodes and barcode services at low cost and for a single fee.

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