617 Barcodes Numbers


As GS1 International clearly states on its website, the first 03 digits of a barcode (GS1 prefix) do not identify the country of origin of a product. The GS1 prefix identifies the GS1 office that issued a barcode (e.g. 615 for GS1 Nigeria, 616 for GS1 Kenya, 618 for GS1 Ivory Coast and 619 for GS1 Tunisia). GS1 617 barcodes numbers

The barcodes beginning with the barcode prefix 617 come from and are directly managed by GS1 Cameroon. Indeed, this is the prefix assigned to the GS1 Cameroon office.

CAMEROON BARCODES (International Barcodes Network) supplies barcodes that begin with either 06 or 07. These were originally created by UCC, the forerunner of GS1 US. These are available at one fixed rate (no annual subscription or membership fees).

The ONLY legal way to get barcode numbers starting with 617 is to join GS1 Cameroon, i.e. fill in the membership forms and pay the membership fee and annual fees. GS1 only licenses the numbers, so you have to pay a recurring fee for the rest of your product’s life. Beware of resellers who claim to be able to supply you with 617 barcodes. Only GS1 Cameroon can issue these numbers. GS1 617 barcodes numbers

Products of Cameroonian origin may bear any valid barcode number in order to be sold at retail. Any attempt to discriminate against a company’s product on the basis of the origin of its barcodes is not only contrary to Cameroonian law governing commercial activity (Law No. 90-031 of 10 August 1990) but also contrary to the competitive policy of GS1 International.

If you wish to prove that your product is indeed manufactured in Cameroon, you can:

– Have your product labelled OCC (Origine Cameroun Certifiée) by AB Certification Afrique Subsaharienne;

– Obtain a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (especially for imports);

– Add the mention of the origin of your product directly on the packaging of the product. This can be : “Made in Cameroon” or “Fabriqué au Cameroun”;

NB: The fact that the mention “Made in Cameroon” or a similar mention appears on the product is an advertising claim that must be proven in case of dispute. Some manufacturers also add the words “Made in Cameroon” directly above the barcode to assist customers.

All barcodes and barcode systems that exist today are designed for international use, so there are virtually no restrictions based on the country of origin of the barcodes worldwide. However, there are shops in some countries around the world that impose restrictions on barcodes. GS1 617 barcodes numbers

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